Rhubarb Tips
This is a game me and my brother sometimes play to make the other feel sorry for characters in movies (for example, I made my brother sorry for a random Terminator from Salvation earlier today by saying he just wanted John Connor's boot (check the film, right after the factory blows up, you'll see what I mean). It died defending that boot).

My brother used this tactic on me a while ago. I was eating Gummy Bears, when he stopped me and gave one of them a name and past. I keep Beary the Gummy Bear in my wallet to this day.

My Mum also did something similar. When I was younger, she would make the toys talk (you know what I mean) and beg to be bought to trick me into getting the toys she wanted. I wanted a Highland cow toy, but she gave a toy dog filled with beans a sad voice. She's an evil genius.
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