Yes, he was talking about you, the loyal readers. So, what do you think?

Changes to note: Borders around the character title, so white and other light colours can be seen. New bubbles (the main change) to allow bigger text (Z, you got your wish), and more bubbles in each panel (I used to be maxed at 2). The shape of the panels has been altered for the new bubbles, and the font has been changed to allow easier readability. Also, the entire comic has been made larger, to again help with reading. The web-address has also been moved, as it sometime got in the way of the scenery (when there is some).

This is the first big change to the comic's layout since it started over a year and a half ago, so I'd like to know if it's actually worth keeping. Please don't just say it is because it may be what I want to hear, I really want an honest opinion.

Thanks Readers. :)
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