Well howdy there and thanks for coming to my site! Now, I suppose you want to know more about it, which is why you are on this page. Basically, this site was made by me to hold my webcomic, The Stickmen, which is also drawn by me (I'm keeping busy, you see). As for the author, I write most of the comics, though I have been lucky enough to have guest writers on occasion, such as my brother who started writing On a Tangent which originally revolved around math. However due to his retirement (lazy) the sub comic has become about general sciency stuff.

The comic updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8am GMT, though on the rare occasion I may be a few hours off.

Anyway, I hope you have a good time reading.

UPDATE: As of 14/12/12 The Stickmen has officially stopped regular updates, though may continue with sporadic updates. Sorry, but thank you for reading.

© 2009 Christopher Coughlan. Some rights reserved.
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